Zabrina Deng
International Award Winning Photographer
Aine is one of the most talented stylist I've ever worked with. She is efficient, gets the job done on time and on budget. I highly recommend using Aine for any styling needs. Hope to work together again in the future.
Aine Frost was an energetic and skilled assistant and we were fortunate to have her working in the studio for a year. Aine has a great work ethic and her various talents make her a positive addition to any work environment.

Throughout the year Aine worked on a variety of projects showing interest and care in the fabrication of product but also with the development of public relations documents for web and print. During her time in the studio she participated in bringing to life two photo shoots for the seasonal line sheet and look book campaigns. On our second photo session she took on the role of stylist and organizer of a successful day long fashion editorial shoot with six models fully styled from head to toe. Aine has excelled in my own studio and I believe that her background and interests make her an excellent and desirable candidate for hire and recommend her without hesitation. 
DeAnna Gibbons Millinery


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